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SINCE - 1967

Anthony's Steakhouse

"One of Omaha's own truly great steakhouses. Anthony's is a family favorite and the restaurant we recommend to visitors. All of their food is excellent, but let's face it, you come for steak. The banquet facilities are top notch. We had our daughter's wedding at Anthony's, and it was beautiful and hassle free." – Trish Jack

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Where can you find
the best Omaha steak?

Few contenders have lasted as long in the ring as Anthony’s Steakhouse. Anthony’s has been serving up signature prime cuts of beef for nearly 50 years and tops the “favorites list” for numerous locals. Many Omaha carnivores will tell you to look for the giant steer. The steer stands atop Anthony’s, welcoming visitors and tempting passersby with the promise of a good meal.


Enjoy a selection
of fine beverages

At Anthony's Steakhouse, there’s more to our bar than world-class wine selection. We have a specialize cocktail list, from vintage classics to our very own house favorites... and your own personal favorites, too.